Creepers |10 Creepers to beautify your home and garden

Creepers are a very important part of the landscape.

They create a soothing effect and blossom throughout the year. Lasting upto 40 years if maintained properly, creepers can be planted any time of the year.

Variety is the spice of lifeā€¦ but it is also what adds life to your garden! If you have different types of plants and flowers growing there together, then the garden looks just that much more beautiful. Sometimes, we think that adding different types of plants will make the garden harder to manage. It can quite easily fit into your current schedule if you choose the right plants to grow.

Here is The List Of Crepers.

1.Bigonia venusta.




5.Rakhi be (Passiflora).

6.Allamanda blanchetii.



9.Ipomoea sloteri.


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